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Ttofi Cakes

We’ve been working with Ttofi Cakes since the beginning. Our customers have always loved the cakes, whatever flavour! 

To find out more or to order your occasion cake, please visit Ttofi Cakes on Facebook or Instagram


Peckham Preserves

Award winning artisan preserves handmade in SE15. Find any purchase your own Artisan in our deli today!

Seville Orange Marmalade

Spiced Seville Orange Marmalade

Pomelo Lemon Marmalade

Date and Walnut Chutney

Cardamom Scented Date and Walnut Chutney

Ginger Spiced Date and Walnut Chutney


Ras et hanout chutney

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Peckham Smoker

British, fermented hot sauce. Inspired by great ingredients and a love of difference.

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Dulwich Honey

Delicious golden honey, harvested straight from our apiary in Peckham. Our honey is as natural as it can be, just as the bees made it. We add nothing to our honey unlike some other brands, we just harvest and filter, leaving nothing but the goodness of local honey!

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